Kanon Wakeshima: Suna no Oshiro

Suna no Oshiro, Kanon Wakeshima1. Suna no Oshiro

2. skip turn step♪

3. Suna no Oshiro – Orgel Version –

Suna no Oshiro is Kanon Wakeshima’s second single, released on November 12th, 2008. It was used as the second ending for Vampire Knight.

Suna no Oshiro (the castle of sand) is a great song. I was really happy to see Kanon Wakeshima taking still doll to the next level, which I criticized for its lack of a particular structure and its low-key tune. But the cello on this song is fabulous, and the background instrumentals are absolutely overwhelming. Although they share little when it comes to structure, Suna no Oshiro follows the same scheme of alan’s “RED CLIFF”; the two are incredible masses of tension that are released during the chorus, finally to blow you away with a wonderful bridge. Only problem: it’s three minutes. I could be mean and give it a low rating like Fujisawa Loser, but I don’t feel very mean today.

skip turn step♪ sounds very much like Renaissance music, with light violins and other chords playing in the background. It’s a great B-Side, the complete opposite of Suna no Oshiro; it’s relaxed, cute and playful.

There’s an orgel version of Suna no Oshiro included on the single, just like with still doll, but this time I don’t recognize the song because of the complexity of the original, with several intertwining levels of the orchestra. It lacks the creepiness of still doll, but it’s OK.


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