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Kaori Mochida: Ame no Waltz

Ame no Waltz, Kaori Mochida1. Ame no Waltz (feat. SAKEROCK)

2. Drop

3. Kokoro

Ame no Waltz is Kaori Mochida’s debut single as a solo artist, released on January 28th, 2009.

The first thing I noticed, regrettably, about Ame no Waltz (rain waltz), was the childish attitude the song had. When I first heard it, I was completely underwhelmed. I was expecting much, much more from someone whose career spans now over twelve years, and especially coming from a member of ELT. It may have taken a bit of listening to, but in the end it’s quite an enjoyable track, and Kaori’s voice really fits the song. I wouldn’t exactly call it catchy, but this is a song I won’t be pressing “next” on when it comes up in shuffle.

Drops has one distinctive feature, and that’s the “These Boots are Made for Walking” guitar in the back, giving the song a Southern American sound. It’s a bizarre track, but it’s quite nice. The verses may be subpar, but the chorus is quite exciting and fun. For a B-Side, this song is quite good.

Lastly we have Kokoro (heart), an acoustic ballad. This song will definitely get skipped, because it’s really boring. I have nothing against slow burners, in fact they’re my favorite type of song, but when the song doesn’t even pick up, then it’s really boring. You keep waiting for something to happen, and then the song just ends. Thank God this wasn’t the only B-Side on this single!