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Perfume: Dream Fighter

Dream Fighter, Perfume1. Dream Fighter

2. Negai

Dream Fighter is Perfume’s eigth major label single, released on November 19th, 2008. It reached #2 on Oricon and has sold 84 153 copies.

I think I’m one of the only bloggers out there who actually really likes Dream Fighter. The melody flows rather than being a more techno-staccato-type song. While Ami Suzuki is sounding more and more like Perfume, this song sounds a lot more like something Ami would do. Perhaps the stuff Nakata produced for Ami was influenced by or influenced Supreme Show. I find this song to be really catchy, and I like it’s happy melody (which is almost a cliché with Perfume now).

Negai (wish) is the most distinct song by Perfume since GAME. When I first heard it, I was underwhelmed by it, since it’s pretty boring, but it has grown on me since and I like the relax atmosphere it gives. Not their best, but a pretty good B-Side.


Perfume: Love the World

Love the World, Perfume1. Love the World

2. Edge

3. Edge – Extended Mix –

Love the World is Perfume’s seventh major label single, released on July 9th, 2008. It reached #1 on Oricon and has sold 131 224 copies so far.

Love the World is a cute-type song in the Perfume style. Although the verses are nothing special, the chorus is pretty nice. It definitely nears pop more than the stuff found on GAME for the most part. The vocals on Love the World are pretty awkward and not quite as smooth, which would’ve made this song nicer and more relaxed. Although I find Perfume to be overrated, GAME was relatively good, but Love the World is actually kind of a let-down.

The B-Side is a bit better: Edge is probably the most appropriate term for this song, and it has that Ami Suzuki feel of maturity in the background, which was nice. After six and a half minutes, I did get tired of this song because techno has a habit of being very repetitive.

Extended Mix, you say? And here I thought Edge was long enough! Anyway, it’s even better than Edge, and it’s less repetitive, which is good if I’m going to have to listen to it for almost nine minutes.