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Notice to All Those Who Still Have “” on Their Blogrolls

It’s just about time you figured out that StyleJapan has moved here, yes, there’s a difference between the two, and if you had a link to the StyleJapan Report, that’s here. If you still haven’t changed your link, please do it now


StyleJapan Moves

Bye bye WordPress, hello! pengie kindly offered to give me space on her server, and now it has come true: StyleJapan and the StyleJapan Report have moved: new StyleJapan and new StyleJapan Report.

Change Has Come

No, I am not having a Barack Obama moment, nor am I feeling inspired by peace and change. Right now the issue would be the format of my writings and the fact that I am S-I-C-K A-N-D T-I-R-E-D of them. There you go. I’ve said it now. Track-by-track reviews are only fun to write when I actually feel terribly inspired, and that’s not exactly too often. It’s hard to express my feelings about entire albums in the short block I give the overall review at the end; the only advantage I could give the TBT format would be that I can hate songs that I hated when I first heard them even more because reviewing them makes me so entirely sick of them it makes me want to click on the little “x” on the side of the tab’s name and switch to Facebook or some other meaningless waste of time.

So now that I’ve ranted it about it and made myself a little bit irritable, I make the official proclamation: from now on, posts on StyleJapan will be written under the original reviewing format, as text, and I will simultaneously work on changing the format of any previous reviews. The order of switching reviews I have no idea of, and I will proceed to change reviews randomly. There will be a sidebar to notify you on any redone reviews. This is an irrevocable decision; I don’t care what you think about it.

News: the StyleJapan Report

I’ve been holding back on this since there isn’t all that much news to write about, but I’ve now made it come true. I just started a blog called the StyleJapan Report (horrible name, sorry), which will have the most recent news on the artists featured on this blog. The blog isn’t even an hour old as I write this, so I’ve only written one article, but there will be more coming. Go see…

I’m going to delete the “artist news” posts on this blog soon enough, and I will not transfer them. There will be weekly PVs, artist spotlights (so biographies of some sort), discussion posts, and more, in all to make the site more diverse than this one. I think I can make this blog into something good, so if you check this site every once in a while, please do the same for the other blog. Thank you for your support!

New Artists

I’m really thankful to pengie for introducing me to this group, because they’re pretty damn amazing. They debuted in October 2008 and quickly released their debut mini-album (which isn’t that mini) in November 2008, and are coming out with another single, Hoshi ni Negai wo, this month. I won’t review their singles because they’re digital, but I will review Unreal before Hoshi ni Negai wo comes out on the 25th. Check them out too!


Secondly comes someone I’ve been listening to for a while. Although I wasn’t quite sure whether I sure add her or not considering at that point I had only heard her material from PROMiSE. But I’m quite sure I want to feature her here after hearing ChaNge the WoRLd. So, between now and the 25th, I will review PROMiSE as well as flumpool’s Unreal. By the way, MiChi sideways was on purpose. Because I think she’s nuts. She’s got all the capitals messed up xD.

Coming in February

Nichika was going to be the featured artist for February, but, once again, I changed my mind last-minute and went for Mika Nakashima. I’m slightly disappointed with the banner and I might change it later, but it’s better than what I had made for Nichika. The reason I changed is that I have found myself recently obsessed by the title track of her second mini-album, Oborozukiyo~Inori (the kanji in the back say “oborozukiyo”). I can already tell you that alan is coming back for March, and depending on just how “usable” the cover for Voice of EARTH will be, it might be the picture I use.


After a mere four months of running, StyleJapan (or stylejapan or Style Japan, but not STYLEJAPAN or STYLE JAPAN, I really don’t know exactly how I should write it, but I prefer StyleJapan) made it to the second rank on International Wota’s “judges’ choice” category. Of course, congratulations to everyone else who won. But OMG come on, I actually made it! After four months! Thank you to all those who visit my site, keep coming~

So that’s pretty much it. For the next two weeks, until the 18th, I’ll review #5, TRICK and Gunjou no Tani, and I’m going to pop in two features.

The Weekly Download

So you could call this an initiative to get more views. But today’s sink of under a hundred is sort of alarming (doubtlessly caused by the fact that my before-last review was five days ago), so I’ve decided to give this blog another little edge, called the weekly download. Go to the top of the post which is permanently on the front page of this blog, the “upcoming releases” post, and you’ll notice that there’s a download link. This is a download link which will be changed once every week, and will feature primarily underrated artists or hard-to-find singles, notably Nichika. This week’s is the Utada’s first English single since EXODUS, Come Back to Me. It’s quite different, more like a modern version of the stuff on First Love and Distance, but I like it. Before I review Gackt’s GHOST (out tomorrow, after a three-week period of no one releasing anything), I’m going to review it. Hope you enjoy the song as much as me!