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YUI: Summer Song

1. Summer Song

2. Oh My God

3. Laugh Away (Acoustic Version)

Summer Song is YUI’s thirteenth single, released on July 2nd, 2008. It reached #1 on Oricon and has sold 115 200 copies.

Summer Song is a refreshing ballad about, well, the summer holidays, beaches, romance, etc. It nears the acoustic work, which, I must point out, is much better than the Alternative stuff she made for her last album, but with a little bit more energy. Perhaps a little work on the vocals, which did sound kind of forced at certain points, would have made the song better, but I liked the overall feel of this single. A step down from Namidairo, but two steps up from I Loved Yesterday. I can’t wait for “I’ll Be”.

Oh My God stays in the same style of I Loved Yesterday, and, it has been said many times, it’s too short! As a single this song wouldn’t be too bad, but she should’ve extended this song by at least another minute. But, on the other hand, finally a good B-Side (I abhor B-Sides, really, I abhor them, because they usual suck real bad).

Laugh Away (Acoustic Version) is a very nice remake of the original, which was the only memorable and well-made album song on I Loved Yesterday. Although the song’s original is a lot better, for the simple reason that entire ensembles sound better and more impressive than a mere guitar, but Laugh Away (Acoustic Version) was a nice closing act.


YUI: I Loved Yesterday

I Loved Yesterday, YUI

Laugh Away

My Generation

Find Me

No Way



Love Is All

I Will Love You

We Will Go

Oh Yeah

My Friend

Love & Truth

Am I Wrong?


Songs in bold are previously released singles. Songs in blue (with a link) have already been reviewed. Those songs will, however, be reviewed in context of the album once more.


I Loved Yesterday is YUI’s third studio album, released on April 9th, 2008. It reached #1 on the Oricon charts and has sold over 459 123 copies.

The album starts off with the refreshing, charming Laugh Away. Everything about the song is just uplifting, happy, fun… It kind of reminds me of LIFE, perhaps a little too much, but that doesn’t really matter.

My Generation (single originally released on June 13th, 2007, as a double A-Side with “Understand”, which wasn’t featured on this album) follows, and I have to say I never really liked this song, and it is definitely the worst single of the I Loved Yesterday era. It’s an OK song with a neat chorus, but it remains pretty generic.

Find Me fits in perfectly after My Generation, as the two song are similar. The chorus, however, remains very boring. This is the first song in an endless string of repeated, very similar, melodies.

No Way is, unfortunately, merely an interlude, since it would’ve done great as a full song, with fantastic instruments.

Namidairo (tear-colored—single originally released on February 27th, 2008) is the best single and song on this album. It’s a slow acoustic ballad with a beautiful arrangement of strings for the chorus, and a great vocal performance by YUI. It has all the elements of your typical ballad, but there’s something special, very beautiful about this song.

Suddenly we have a song which differs completely from Namidairo, Daydreamer. It’s probably the only song after Laugh Away whose name I could remember. It’s nothing special, but I liked the chorus.

Love Is All is a slower song which really reminds me of her earlier work, but remains in the same area of mediocrity of the songs you seem to have heard repeated over and over again. As usual, this isn’t a bad song, it just sounds like the rest of the album.

I Will Go With You‘s music does reflect the title of the song, but it’s very boring. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten tired of repeating the same thing, so I’ll just point out the stuff that I liked in each song: We Will Go begins horribly, is horrible, and ends horribly. This has got to be a joke. Same thing goes for Oh Yeah.

My Friend was a relief for me; finally something that’s slightly above the substandard bar! It was more of a semi-ballad, with elements of acoustic rock, and nice vocals.

OK, now it’s serious business. The second single of the I Loved Yesterday era, and the one that got me hooked to YUI after her album From Me to You took the hook off, Love & Truth is the most unique song in YUI’s repertoire: it features a predominant section of strings, even more dramatic vocals and quasi-supressed guitars (the guitar solos were great). Hurray for singles!

The final song closes the album on a softer note: Am I Wrong? is a standard YUI album song, but it has this “end of the day”, “sunset” feel to it. Not a bad way, in fact, to end the album, even though the actual song isn’t quite as good as a finale should be.

Despite the fact that the album songs were, again, very repetitive, not at all memorable and, some, even very boring and just straight forward a waste of time, I Loved Yesterday is, from my perspective, the best album YUI has produced. I can’t, unfortunately, give it a good grade because, precisely, of the album songs, but this was the best period for YUI’s singles. From the perspective of YUI’s guitar work, as usual, it’s great. I hope her next album will be better (as some of you might have heard, however, after the release of a compilation, “My Short Stories” and her new single, “I’ll Be”, she’ll be taking a one-year break… (sob).