Coming in December

This month won’t feature all that much new stuff, so this one’ll be a little shorter than what I’ve written previously. First of all; reviewing Stephanie is going on hold for the moment, at least until January. I said I was taking Jyukai and Aimmy in consideration, and I haven’t given up, it’s just I haven’t gotten to them yet. I don’t know how, I’ve had so much free time.


I’m considering bumping Koda Kumi’s status from “special review” to one of my artists, which would mean reviewing MOON. If you haven’t noticed yet, I “secretly” reviewed GIRL NEXT DOOR’s first two singles, in preparation for their third single, which will be reviewing in maximally three days.

JYONGRI’s “Winter Love Story” will also be reviewed, and will make for a new artist. I’m considering Gackt, who just released a single called Jesus, and is going to be releasing another single in January. I haven’t heard the single yet, so I’m not sure, but Beni Arashiro, know known as BENI, is releasing a single called “Mou Nidoto” (never again), and Tommy heavenly6 is releasing a great song called PAPERMOON as well as another one later next year called Unlimited Sky. Those two are for sure. I’m also considering misono. I just updated the coming up page, so you might want to go check it out. Unfortunately, Gunjou no Tani has been pushed back to February 4th (that’s two months later!!!), and I fear the worst for her album, which at the moment I am throbbingly waiting for. Come on, at least the title and the cover, please!!! Also, Koda Kumi’s new single “stay with me” and album “Trick” have each been pushed back by at least a week, “Trick” coming out only on January 28th, 2008. blackmager from Stereo Love will be very happy: Kanon Wakeshima’s debut album is coming out in the February of next year, and is called “Shinsoku Dolce” (dolce at God’s speed).

One question for the bloggers who review Bonnie Pink: are you going to review Chain?! I haven’t seen it anywhere except at Kurayami Monogatari.


This month’s featured artist is Rie Fu, and I noticed a sudden rush of views of that page, getting eleven views (not that much, but a record for that particular page) two days ago, probably because people where looking for romantic. The banner is self-made. I’ll explain why I didn’t use the original cover: because it cuts off the tree, and I tried to continue them in Adobe Illustrator, but I couldn’t get the shadow right, so I instead spent four hours redrawing the entire cover (it’s different from the original, but because I couldn’t get any of the small details). At least I can be proud of myself now!


The month of November is another step up: 3043 views, making for a grand total of 6032 views. The highest of the month, and also so far the record, was 181 views on November 7th, and just yesterday (November 30th) I reached 180 views (So close! Damn!).

  • week one (October 27th to November 2nd): 727 views, 104 per day
  • week two (November 3rd to November 9th): 827 views, 118 per day
  • week three (November 10th to November 16th): 728 views, 104 per day
  • week four (November 17th to November 23rd): 525 views, 75 per day
  • week five (November 24th to November 30th): 699 views, 100 per day

The “coming up” page is, reasonably enough, the most popular area of the blog, with 262 views. After it comes the most popular blog post, which is still occupied by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, but this time their most recent album, Surf Bungaku Kamakura, at 246 views, followed by the formerly most popular post, Fujisawa Loser, by the same artist, at 242 views. The most active is, however, Surf Bungaku Kamakura, at 45 views a day, whereas the “coming up” page only has 21 views a day.

If you know of another blog that reviews Asian Kung-Fu Generation, please notify me! I really want to read someone else’s opinion on their music.

Thanks for your support everyone!


1 Response to “Coming in December”

  1. 1 Selryam December 1, 2008 at 3:24 am

    In response to your question about CHAIN, I’ll reviewing it, but… I’m not gonna say when. I’ll be announcing everything like that later on.

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