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Yuna Ito: Koi wa Groovy x2

Koi wa Groovy x2, Yuna Ito1. Koi wa Groovy x2

2. Mafuyu no Seiza

3. miss you (hawaiian breeze remix)

Koi wa Groovy x2 is Yuna Ito’s twelfth single, released on November 26th, 2008. It reached #44 on Oricon and has sold 2 912 copies. It was used to promote GAP Japan’s Holiday Collection Winter Neutrals.

If Koi wa Groovy x2 (love is groovy groovy) had been any long, it’d have been very, very boring. But, it isn’t. So I suppose its shortness is the saving grace. I’ve heard some criticism about this song, but an equal amount of praise, and I’m sort of between them. I like the song, it just doesn’t stand out from the rest of her songs, or in my collection of music. A decent attempt at a funky, exciting and fun song, that went sort of wrong, but not completely. The “na na na” is the best part, and it’s short, so maybe some kind of an edit for whatever album you’ll be releasing next part, Yuna?

Mafuyu no Seiza (winter constellation) is better than the A-Side, which is not a good thing for my overall grade, but OK. It reminds me of Namie Amuro’s “Wishing Upon a Star” (which is the worst attempt at a ballad I have ever heard), but add a beat and make it good, with some very nice vocals. It has hints of urban music, a nice twist on your orthodox ballad, and, I repeat, a very good vocal performance.

miss you (hawaiian breeze mix) is… decent. I didn’t like miss you at all, so this version already seems a lot better, with a more stable beat. The original was so bland, I couldn’t stand it, but the Hawaiian breeze gives this song some well-needed flavor. The big problem: where are the vocals? Sounds like they took the vocals from the original, put a beat over it, and then forgot to make the vocals more prominent. Oh well.


Yuna Ito: Miss you

miss you, Yuna Ito1. Miss you

2. BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!

3. Urban Mermaid
     – Bittersweet Movement Blood-I Riddimix –

Miss you is Yuna Ito’s eleventh single, released on September 3rd, 2008.  It reached #2 on Oricon and has sold 5 593 copies.

When Miss you opened, I sort of felt like turning off the music, because the opening is a little on the very unimpressive side. It does have the sounds of “missing summer” rather than “missing you”, which is appropriate considering it was released in September. The song speeds up and gets a lot better after a while, adding catchiness to the song while making this a very nice end-of-summer song.

Let’s go BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! This is your typical North American song about breaking up (at least that’s what it sounds like during the chorus), and in this way, it bears the same message as Miss you. It’s a pretty catchy song, although the verses are rather sub-par.

The final touch on this song is remake of one of her original songs, the Bittersweet Movement Blood-I Riddimix of Urban Mermaid. It maintains our beach-sounding feel and is a nice upbeat track, although I don’t like this version quite as much as the original.