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Every Little Thing: Atarashii Hibi/Ougon no Tsuki

Atarashii Hibi, Every Little Thing

1. Atarashii Hibi

2. Ougon no Tsuki

This is Every Little Thing’s thirty-sixth single, released on August 27th, 2008.

Atarashii Hibi¬†(new days) is an uplifting, happy track. The powerful string arrangement in the back isn’t gorgeous, but it’s nice and relaxing, and makes the song very rich. Once more, I have fallen in love with Kaori’s voice. The chorus is even more¬†powerful. If there’s one word to characterize this song, it’d be fun. But, on the other hand, the song drives it over the edge, with too many instruments.

Ougon no Tsuki¬†(golden moon) opens with a powerful wedding-like sequence, and then turns down a tiny bit. The guitar was kind of unexpected, by I got used to it. I didn’t really like Ougon no Tsuki because of the vocals, which I felt were kind of unappropriate. The chorus isn’t too good either, because the vocals are almost forced to high notes.