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StyleJapan presents JPOP

A week or so ago, in “Projects, Update”, I talked about JPOP: the lyrics catalog, which would contain the lyrics for entire albums and new singles, all selected by me. I’ve made my mind up on whose songs will be featured, and here’s the list (singles in red, albums in black, upcoming singles/albums in gray):

  • ALAN
    [upcoming album]
    Tegami | Today
    Surf Bungaku Kamakura | Mada Minu Ashita ni | Fanclub | Sol-Fa | Kimi Tsunagi Five M
    Anata to | Sing to the Sky | First Message
    Planetarium | Blue Bird | Kaeritakunatta yo | Life Album | Sakura Saku Machi Monogatari
    Chu-BuraSixteen Girl | Astral Lamp
    Nexus 4/Shine | Drink it Down | Kiss | Awake | Smile
    My Life
  • RIE FU
    Romantic | Home | Tobira Album | Rose Album | Rie Fu
    Heart Station | Ultra Blue | Deep River
    Hakanaku Tsuyoku | Te wo Tsunaide | Ima ga Daisuki | Go! Younha
  • YUI
    I’ll Be | Summer Song | I Loved Yesterday | Can’t Buy My Love | From Me to You

Please note: (a) I am ready to receive requests, although it is up to me whether to add them, and if they are added, it won’t be until the next edition, in June 2009; (b) albums that are from 2000 or earlier will not be added; (c) I am considering doing a single-only version as well for the June 2009 release, so don’t request that kind of stuff; (d) the book will contain a list of most Japanese albums released between 1998 and December 2008 (or as far as I can find information about), as well as information on those artists featured permanently on JPOP.

The featured artist for this issue will be L’Arc-en-Ciel. As it will be winter when this book is released, the predominant colors will be a cool gray and an icy blue, accompanied by black for large bodies of text.

Until the release, no further information will be posted, and no place will be allocated to the project on the Projects page.

Melodies of Rebellion 13: Science for the Bad of Man

It’s out! Yes, finally, the chapter you people (or at least those who follow the story) have been waiting for since last month! And it’s a birthday edition (not really)! As usual, it’s available for download in the projects page.