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Stephanie: Kimi ga Iru Kagiri

1. Kimi ga Iru Kagiri

2. All the Way


Kimi ga Iru Kagiri is Stephanie’s debut single, released on May 30th, 2007. It reached #22 on its third week on Oricon, and has sold 8 717 copies. It was featured as the third ending theme to the anime  KISS DUM -ENGAGE planet-.

To the contrary of alan’s mountain notes, Stephanie’s high notes are just too high to be enjoyable. Fortunately, they only appear at the beginning of Kimi ga Iru Kagiri (as long as you are here), and the rest of the song proves to be relatively enjoyable. Alright, it’s kind of bland, but her singing voice is very nice. The first thing I noticed about this song is that it sounds more American than even Angela Aki. Just the melody and way of singing was enough to make this song very American. (By the way, I’m not using it as depreciative vocabulary.) The high notes toward the end were lower, and as such they were far nicer.

All the Way is the complete contrary of Kimi ga Iru Kagiri; it’s fast-paced, aggressive and provocative. She apparently also knows how to sing rock songs too, and to my glee. The chorus seems to lack something, but the verses are enjoyable.

The second B-Side, ANGEL GIRL, is a little bit too much bubblegum pop for me to really like it. And it sounds even more American than the A-Side, this time with a depreciative connotation. It sounds like a single that a boy-band or girl-band would release, but too much. In the end out, it turns out to be not so bad a song, though, and it’s an acceptable B-Side.