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2. HEy GirL

3. Sk8er Boi

4. Fuck You And Your Money (ED BANGER ALL STARS remix)

PROMiSE is MiChi’s debut single, released on October 22nd, 2008. It reached #12 on Oricon and has sold 24 783 copies.

PROMiSE definitely goes into my list of best debut singles. I’m not exactly sure where to classify this song, but I’d call it synth pop-rock with the distinct British punk element, which makes MiChi one of the more extravagant J-Pop artists out there. The overwhelming feeling I get from MiChi’s songs is the happiness, despite the fact that I don’t think PROMiSE is that happy a song. The song is insanely addictive, and I think MiChi’s voice is noteworthy.

As much as I think PROMiSE is a good song, HEy GirL beats it, even if just barely. I can hear some island influences, but what’s prominent is the really catchy chorus, which totally makes up for the lack of perk found in the verses.

MiChi’s cover of Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi is interesting… but I have to admit I was never a fan of Avril Lavigne in the first place, so I’m not exactly thrilled by it being present on the single. But if looked at objectively, MiChi’s cover is quite worthy and good MiChi-style interpretation of the song.

Finally comes a remix of a track which appeared on MiChi’s mini-album, MiChi MadNesS. The original was quite nice, but you immediately notice the difference between the more punk stuff featured on her mini-album and the stuff she’s doing now. As usual, the remix has a few flaws, but it’s a nice addition to the single.


New Artists

I’m really thankful to pengie for introducing me to this group, because they’re pretty damn amazing. They debuted in October 2008 and quickly released their debut mini-album (which isn’t that mini) in November 2008, and are coming out with another single, Hoshi ni Negai wo, this month. I won’t review their singles because they’re digital, but I will review Unreal before Hoshi ni Negai wo comes out on the 25th. Check them out too!


Secondly comes someone I’ve been listening to for a while. Although I wasn’t quite sure whether I sure add her or not considering at that point I had only heard her material from PROMiSE. But I’m quite sure I want to feature her here after hearing ChaNge the WoRLd. So, between now and the 25th, I will review PROMiSE as well as flumpool’s Unreal. By the way, MiChi sideways was on purpose. Because I think she’s nuts. She’s got all the capitals messed up xD.