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3. Always

4. WORD OF THE VOICE (Persona Opening Mix)

WORD OF THE VOICE is FLOW’s twentieth single, released on June 4th, 2008. It reached #9 on Oricon and has sold 14 551 copies. The title song was used as the theme song for the anime PERSONA -trinity soul-.

WORD OF THE VOICE is quite the rock song, bordering hard rock during the verses. The persistent and really nice guitar riffs were probably this song’s greatest virtue, but I thought the vocals were pretty impressive as well. Although I liked it, this is a song where I wish the band would return to what they’ve done before, and luckily they did.

This single’s B-Sides are pretty amazing. ESCA is a far calmer, more ambient and catchy song worthy of having its own single, and placed as the relaxing ending theme to some really tense anime. It features the great mix of FLOW’s two singers’ voices, and very catchy drums. The bridge toward the end was a very nice addition.

Always features Hyde-like (from L’Arc-en-Ciel) vocals, along with just plain good vocal work. The chorus was very cheesy and reminded me of some of the crap boybands might produce, but the rest of the song remains pretty nice.

The Persona Opening Mix of WORD OF THE VOICE is the 1:34 version of the original, and here we get all the good and none of the bad. It’s not all that better than the original, and has no reason to be on this single.