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aiko: KissHug

1. KissHug

2. Senkou Hanabi

3. Mizu to Champagne.

KissHug is aiko’s twenty-forth single, released on August 23rd, 2008. It reached #2 on Oricon and has sold 106 337 copies. KissHug was used as the insert song for  Hana Yori Dango Final.

KissHug is a slow, uplifting ballad with the aiko touch of cuteness. It opens with a piano and woodwind instruments, and the verses seem boring at first, but when the chorus slowly begins, it appears quite clearly that this song is far more than what it seems at first. aiko’s voice is very nice and is what adds the cuteness I spoke of, yet it seems to be sincere at the same time in this song. This is not my first aiko song, but I have to say, this is her best song ever.

Senkou Hanabi (toy fireworks) is a more mature version of KissHug, with more outgoing instrumentals and a far more powerful voice. The verses are sort of catchy, but the chorus is really catchy. The only bad thing about this is that aiko’s vocals sound screechy at certain parts. Nonetheless, this an other worthy B-Side to a fantastic A-Side.

Mizu to Champagne. (water and champagne.) is a Christmasy tune with bells and joyfully sung lyrics. This song sounds sort of jazzy, which why I think perhaps a saxophone version of this song could be really nice, as long as the song is tuned down a bit. I was pleasantly surprised by these B-Sides, I have to say; perhaps I have finally found an artist who serves, consistently, very nice B-Sides.