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Utada: Come Back to Me

Come Back to Me, Utada1. Come Back to Me

Come Back to Me is Utada’s fourth English single, released on February 9th, 2009. It reached #28 on Billboard’s Japan Hot 100 Singles.

If you were looking for a catapult ride back to First Love, Come Back to Me is exactly that. The only difference is that I actually like this song. I’m not one to like R&B, but I absolutely love this song. Utada bias? Perhaps. But I am definitely fond of this song. It may the most mainstream song Utada ever wrote, it may be nothing quite like Easy Breezy, Exodus ’04 and You make me want to be a man, it remains better than half of the songs on EXODUS. I’m surprised it failed to chart, but with the only promotion being her MySpace site, things are clearer. Although she may have better chance than with her previous English album if she continues with this type of song. Come Back to Me is a mellow R&B ballad that jumps out of a classical piano piece played both at the beginning and at ending. The lyrics are substandard for Utada Hikaru, but I guess they’ll do for an American-style song. All this song needs is more exposure, and I’m sure it would’ve been really popular.


The Weekly Download

So you could call this an initiative to get more views. But today’s sink of under a hundred is sort of alarming (doubtlessly caused by the fact that my before-last review was five days ago), so I’ve decided to give this blog another little edge, called the weekly download. Go to the top of the post which is permanently on the front page of this blog, the “upcoming releases” post, and you’ll notice that there’s a download link. This is a download link which will be changed once every week, and will feature primarily underrated artists or hard-to-find singles, notably Nichika. This week’s is the Utada’s first English single since EXODUS, Come Back to Me. It’s quite different, more like a modern version of the stuff on First Love and Distance, but I like it. Before I review Gackt’s GHOST (out tomorrow, after a three-week period of no one releasing anything), I’m going to review it. Hope you enjoy the song as much as me!