Coming in February

Nichika was going to be the featured artist for February, but, once again, I changed my mind last-minute and went for Mika Nakashima. I’m slightly disappointed with the banner and I might change it later, but it’s better than what I had made for Nichika. The reason I changed is that I have found myself recently obsessed by the title track of her second mini-album, Oborozukiyo~Inori (the kanji in the back say “oborozukiyo”). I can already tell you that alan is coming back for March, and depending on just how “usable” the cover for Voice of EARTH will be, it might be the picture I use.


After a mere four months of running, StyleJapan (or stylejapan or Style Japan, but not STYLEJAPAN or STYLE JAPAN, I really don’t know exactly how I should write it, but I prefer StyleJapan) made it to the second rank on International Wota’s “judges’ choice” category. Of course, congratulations to everyone else who won. But OMG come on, I actually made it! After four months! Thank you to all those who visit my site, keep coming~

So that’s pretty much it. For the next two weeks, until the 18th, I’ll review #5, TRICK and Gunjou no Tani, and I’m going to pop in two features.


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