Gackt: GHOST


2. Blue Lagoon – Shinkai –

GHOST is Gackt’s twenty-seventh single, released on January 21st. It reached #6 on Oricon. It is the opening theme for the Japanese release of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This is so completely out of the blue… When I first heard the title “GHOST”, I though it would be a song in the direction of his previous single, Jesus. But guess what, GHOST in fact a techno-based rock song. I heard some Gackt fans on JpopAsia complaining about how they didn’t like it. And I can see why they wouldn’t. This song is rather un-Gackt-like. But I adore this song. It may be no Returner, but it’s better than Jesus, that’s for sure. The vocal effects are quite nice and give the feeling that Gackt indeed is a robot, and the music, with the techno-inspired repetition, is insanely catchy. For both rock and techno lovers, but perhaps not for Gackt addicts.

Blue Lagoon – Shinkai – (blue lagoon – deep sea -) isn’t all that different from the A-Side. It’s a lot more Gackt-like that GHOST since it contains no techno beats, and has this very epic feel. The vocals sort of irk me, but after a few listens, it didn’t bother me that much. Beside the actual song, we have reason to party! It’s the first original B-Side by Gackt in… over two years! And considering it’s A-Side material, it’s even a reason to trash all the other parties in town! This one probably pleased the Gackt fans a lot more. Now where’s that album?!


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