Coming in January

I apologize for being late on this post, but the yearly reviews kept me from it until now. First of all, the banner and featured artist will not change until February because of my change of computer and I’m still trying to fight my way through to Adobe Illustrator CS4. The featured artist might be Asian Kung-Fu Generation, but whatever people release usually make me change my mind (when I first heard Rie fu’s romantic, it made me go crazy for her, so I changed the featured artist to her).


I probably won’t be adding artists this month, although I am considering a few, in particular Nanase Aikawa. But I wasn’t really impressed by PRISM, so I made back off.


December was another rise in views, and I have now passed the 200 views a day mark, although I haven’t done it many times after that. I got around 150 views a day in December, and January is already looking very promising with a new record of 246 views on the 7th. I’m stopping the whole complex week-by-week display because it’s annoying and pointless.


A new theme called “Grid Focus” is out on WordPress, and I want to see if I can switch to it because I like it a lot. I’m hesitating because of the two sidebars, but it may be that in a few days I change the theme.


…so that was a very short recap. And now to the little surprise: it’s called Chi Bi – Da Jiang Dong Qu -, and it’s the Chinese version of Kyuuen no Kawa, alan’s single slated for (I’m supposing) this summer, after her debut album. Download here. Enjoy, because it’s even better than RED CLIFF – Shin, Sen -.


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