Koda Kumi: stay with me

stay with me, Koda Kumi1. stay with me

2. Winter Bells

3. stay with me (Orgel Version)

stay with me is Koda Kumi’s single, released on December 24th, 2008. It reached #2 on Oricon.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that Koda Kumi’s ballads are pretty bad. Her voice is pretty good, but I think it suits sexy songs like TABOO better than stay with me. Her voice is a powerhouse of emotion, but she can’t control it to make it smoother when she sings ballads, and that digs a massive ditch between the gentle and beautiful instruments and her voice. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good song. Just not something I would put on a best winter A-Sides.

Winter Bells, on the other hand, is a lot happier. It’s a gentle R&B-influenced ballad that, like the A-Side, offers nothing special and would definitely not make it to a list of most interesting B-Sides. But it has the potential to be a good song. She just doesn’t drive it far enough.

stay with me (Orgel Version) puts you to sleep with its gentle melody, but in a good way. I find this version a lot more moving that the original, because the instrumentals are unobstructed by Koda’s voice.


1 Response to “Koda Kumi: stay with me”

  1. 1 albie January 5, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    what’s freaky is how different Kumi looks before she had her huge makeover

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