FLOW: SNOW FLAKE – Kioku no Koshuu -/PULSE

SNOW FLAKE - Kioku no Koshuu -/PULSE, FLOW1. SNOW FLAKE – Kioku no Koshuu –


3. Phantom

SNOW FLAKE – Kioku no Koshuu -/PULSE is FLOW’s twenty-second single, released on December 10th, 2008. It is the last in a trilogy of three thematically related singles.

The only really good song on this album is SNOW FLAKE – Kioku no Koshuu – (the persistence of memories). It’s a sweet rock ballad with FLOW’s trademark hip-hop/R&B infusion. This song is a lot different from the previous two rock-based singles, WORD OF THE VOICE and WORLD END. Now that they have three great singles, their next album, #5, is going to have to be excellent to live up to them.

PULSE is an average song, but definitely more B-Side material than A-Side. It’s just too aggressive (especially at the beginning) and it drags on a lot. The verses are OK, but I was expecting a lot more from the chorus. I was expecting a nice track in the same style as SNOW FLAKE – Kioku no Koshuu –, but this is more than a disappointment.

Phantom should’ve been the second A-Side, simply because it’s a lot better than PULSE. It’s a catchy song with some hints of the aggressive guitar riffs from the previous track, but controlled. The vocal work isn’t exceptional but it’s effective. It does sound a lot like the two previous singles, which is a good thing, since they were both excellent. I hope this goes onto their upcoming album.


1 Response to “FLOW: SNOW FLAKE – Kioku no Koshuu -/PULSE”

  1. 1 sylvestre September 15, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    a very good single for FLOW.I love their music.my friends always saying that i’m crazy(To listening that kind of music).In canada,I think i’m the only one who like this group.why they don’t come at montreal? it will be cool if it’s real…

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