Ayumi Hamasaki: Days/GREEN

Days/GREEN, Ayumi Hamasaki1. Days


3. LOVE: Destiny (10th Anniversary Edition)
     or To Be (10th Anniversary Edition)

Days/GREEN is Ayumi Hamasaki’s forty-seventh single, released on December 17th, 2008. It is her second tenth anniversary single, and features remakes, like with Mirrorcle World, of previously released singles, this time from the LOVEppears era.

Of the two A-Sides on this single, Days is by far the weakest. It’s like one of Ayumi’s yearly outburst of mediocrity, her summer songs, but for Christmas. The chorus was nice, but that is really the only good thing about this song, since the rest is just plain boring. Although I have to admit that I really liked those bells in the background.

GREEN‘s first few moments really reminded me of alan’s Sakura Modern, but the rest of the song is completely different. If there’s one thing Japanese musicians almost always succeed at, it’s Oriental ballads with powerful instruments; and while this song isn’t the crème de la crème of that category, it is definitely quite good. The verses were boring for a short period, and I would’ve liked for the dynamic level to go no further than the instrumental introduction, but the chorus fixes all that and creates a pretty memorable track. I’m quite curious about the placement of Mirrorcle World, Days and GREEN on an album, since they’re so different.

LOVE: Destiny is an interesting track. I was sort of expecting something like Hitomi Shimatani’s Destiny – Taiyou no Hana – because of the similarity of the titles (you’ll say that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s how it is, I don’t know why). But the song is a gentle ballad with its common points with GREEN, and I quite liked it, albeit the pretty lame vocals which tended to drag. The biggest disappointment in this song was the lack of a powerful chorus to make it sound more grandiose.

Of the two remakes, To Be is the weakest. It’s not particularly interesting, and the only thing added is Ayumi’s more fleshy voice (compared to her powerfully bland voice at her debut). I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of these remakes, since I’m not a fan of anything Ayumi did before Duty. I just hope she doesn’t release a tenth anniversary album with all of the “best” songs from her two first eras remade…


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  1. 1 boamyjewel January 4, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    can you please upload this version of TO BE on my blog, I will appreciate it so much, Thanx in Advance

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