Gackt: Jesus

Jesus, Gackt1. Jesus

2. Sayonara – ЯR II version –

Jesus is Gackt’s twenty-eight single, released on December 3rd, 2008. It was released on November 26th, 2008, to his fanclub. It reached #7 on Oricon.

Jesus is by all means a great song, but the shouting is hardly the best part of it, as many have felt the need to express. But first let me retrace what Gackt has released since Love Letter and Diabolos: the completely boring and un-rock-like No ni Saku Hana no You ni, then the hard-rock song mixed with the traditional shakuhachi, Returner – Yami no Shuuen –, and now we have a song not only on a deadly mix of cocaine, heroin and marijuana, but also infused with nitrogen to make it go really quickly. This song may be almost seven minutes long, it still passes in a flash. But to the actual song; it opens with some down-tuned riffs which allow you to fully predict what comes next: an aggressive guitar riff and shouts. Then come in the actual vocals, which allows this song to double in quality, because from this point on, it’s incredibly catchy. Gackt actually sounds like Gackt, for the first time since the release of Diabolos, which is nice. The song itself is about suicide, and the PV depicts a frantic Hitler attempting to commit suicide, but unable to until the song has ended. The lyrics are repetitive but deep enough, with Gackt shouting to the Virgin Mary take me up (see what I mean about suicide). The song is obviously very grave, and doesn’t do anything to hide it.

The B-Side, Sayonara – ЯR II version – (goodbye), takes us way back to almost two years ago with No ni Saku Hana no You ni. It’s a seven-minute-long song which features Gackt and a piano. To my link with his previous single: it’s a boring song with barely any instrumentals. All those who listened to this song and liked it will now write a comment about how they hate me, but I haven’t gotten to the end, so stick with me. Now; when I say this song is a slow burner, I mean it is really slow. The aggressive Irish-style violins only come in at three minutes, and then leave after a beautiful instrumental section. After that, the song slowly fades away, but the song sounds so much better after those violins that I really, really like it.


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