UVERworld: Gekidou/Just Break the Limit!

Gekidou/Just Break the Limit!, UVERworld1. Gekidou

2. Just Break the Limit!

3. Core Ability +81

Gekidou/Just Break the Limit! is UVERworld’s tenth single, released on June 11th, 2008. It reached #2 on Oricon and has sold 94 325 copies. Gekidou was used as the fourth opening theme for D.Gray-man.

Although Gekidou (agitation) may open with a really catchy acoustic guitar tune, the whole song degenerates when the lyrics and the first verse come in. That was an absolute turnoff. Especially how the song just goes higher, and higher, and never stops, instead of having a really great chorus.

Of the two A-Sides, I prefer Just Break the Limit! by far, even though it has that horrible title. It has its similarities with the previous track, but it’s a lot slower, more controlled, and sounds a lot more catchy. It’s a better example of what UVERworld does, whereas Gekidou really does sound like it was induced with something.

Core Ability +81 is a pretty different track after two stereotypical UVERworld songs, with some pretty neat techno influences. After a while, the whole thing becomes way too repetitive, and the weir


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