Jyongri: Winter Love Story

Winter Love Story, JYONGRI1. Winter Love Story

2. Tender Touch

3. Blue Destiny

Winter Love Story is Jyongri’s sixth single, released on December 3rd, 2008.

With its mix of joyful Christmas music and a powerful beat in the back, Winter Love Story really stands out from the crowd. I’ve always found her voice to be very soothing, and this song really makes use of that. The violin provide an extra twist to your typical R&B-flavored song, and reminds us that this is a song about the Christmas season. This song stands out even more with its lyrical content: it’s not a song about the joy of Christmas, but rather about the breakup, and the recollection of a winter love story. Best winter song? I think so.

The A-Side was excellent, there’s no doubt. But dear Lord, Tender Touch is infinitely better. With obvious hints of Joni Mitchell techniques, Jyongri delivers a beautiful ballad marked by aggressive violins, a gentle beat and a very light acoustic guitar. It only takes the tender touch. 

Saying that this is the weakest song on this album would be a bit of an exageration and a bit of a misleading statement. Although this song begins pretty weakly, it grows into a moving, powerful song in the style of Tender Touch, with the violins and a prominent piano. At this point, I think we can say that this single was the best single of the winter season. By far.


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