Perfume: Dream Fighter

Dream Fighter, Perfume1. Dream Fighter

2. Negai

Dream Fighter is Perfume’s eigth major label single, released on November 19th, 2008. It reached #2 on Oricon and has sold 84 153 copies.

I think I’m one of the only bloggers out there who actually really likes Dream Fighter. The melody flows rather than being a more techno-staccato-type song. While Ami Suzuki is sounding more and more like Perfume, this song sounds a lot more like something Ami would do. Perhaps the stuff Nakata produced for Ami was influenced by or influenced Supreme Show. I find this song to be really catchy, and I like it’s happy melody (which is almost a cliché with Perfume now).

Negai (wish) is the most distinct song by Perfume since GAME. When I first heard it, I was underwhelmed by it, since it’s pretty boring, but it has grown on me since and I like the relax atmosphere it gives. Not their best, but a pretty good B-Side.


1 Response to “Perfume: Dream Fighter”

  1. 1 blackmager December 6, 2008 at 8:18 am

    Wow, someone that actually likes Dream Fighter too?
    I loved this single to bits, and I like the slightly darker feel to Dream Fighter.
    That, and the use of less vocoder.

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