Ami Suzuki: Supreme Show

Supreme Show, Ami Suzuki


can’t stop the disco

climb up to the top



change my life


A token of love





Songs in bold are previously released singles. Songs in blue (with a link) have already been reviewed. Those songs will, however, be reviewed in context of the album once more.


Supreme Show is Ami Suzuki’s seventh album, third with avex, released on November 12th, 2008. It reached #16 on Oricon and has sold 8 748 copies. It commemorates her tenth year in the Japanese music industry and was produced entirely by Yasutaka Nakata, from capsule.

Opening the album is TEN, a song which can be said to be the title track, commemorating her tenth year. What I immediately noticed in this track was the great grand piano playing in the back, which created an absolutely grand effect. Leave it to Nakata to come up with that kind of stuff, eh? The opening and closing tracks on this album are fantastic.

Next are the tracks found on her most recent single, can’t stop the DISCO, all in order. This was my favorite single of the era, even though ONE was great. I really like Ami’s mature sound on this, and her voice is sort of seducing.

I’ve never been a fan of climb up to the top, although I’m sort of reconsidering that. The moans at the beginning are sort of weird, and the vocals are pretty bad, but the music is addicting. Only problem: it’s 6:33, which is long, and I don’t have that long an attention span for a techno song.

SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’08S_A MIX) is OK. I preferred the original, and I really didn’t see why one would have to add this track onto the album. It’s a C-Side, so-to-say, and it’s a single from her previous era. Remixes of previously released songs belong on singles, not on albums!

We’re back to the new tracks, and there is no better title for this song than Mysterious. It sort of has that eerie feeling, with chimes or something like that playing in the background. Ami sings this one bare and with vocoder, which was interesting, but sort of annoying when it comes down to it. Otherwise, it’s another really good Nakata-style techno track.

change my life has its hints of retro, but it isn’t interesting until it comes to the chorus. Nakata introduced some Perfume stuff, like the cute electronic bleeps, with made this song stand out. If there’s a weak track on this album, then this one’s it. Even though it’s pretty good.

LOVE MAIL is a lot more low-key than the rest of the stuff on this album, and provides a far more relaxing listen. After change my life, LOVE MAIL is the second Perfume-like song, and Ami even sounds a little bit like the three girls. Another great track, especially when she shouts the title. 

Next is the B-Side on ONE, A token of love. Another B-Side I didn’t really like, but at the limit it’s OK, because it fits onto this album. But here again we have a long, repetitive techno track that’s longer than the A-Side it was originally placed with. Six minutes is too long for techno.

Perfume again? Well, not really. TRUE may sound cute, but Ami’s mature voice is always the one thing which makes her many, many times better than the overrated trio. This is the umpteenth really good, catchy track on this album. After TEN, this is my second-favorite track on this album. The verses are catchy, but the chorus is insane!

flower is sort of traditional-sounding, even though the techno sort of erases that. The strings are another addition that I wasn’t expecting and would’ve never thought possible, but, hey, we’re talking about the lord of J-Tech, everything’s possible! Because ONE has bittersweet sidenotes to it, flower has hints of that as well, moving us away from the general happy sound of the album.

Ending the album is ONE, the insanely catchy tenth anniversary single released earlier this year. The heavy techno and the extended vowels really work their magic on this track. Go Nakata x Ami!

After that cover I was expecting either something really crappy, or something decent. But hey! Surprise! This album is Ami’s best, and Perfume’s GAME wouldn’t stand a chance against it. This album is powerful, unique, varied, catchy, and maintains that throughout over an hour. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is the magic of Yasutaka Nakata x Ami Suzuki. I hope they continue to collaborate, because this is really working for Ami. Five stars!


1 Response to “Ami Suzuki: Supreme Show”

  1. 1 UltraStationJin November 30, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    I love this Album as well but try not to dog Perfume. I mean business. 😉

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