Rie Fu: romantic

Rie Fu, romantic1. romantic

2. In The Airplane

3. Money Will Love You

romantic is Rie Fu’s eleventh single, released on November 12th, 2008. It reached #100 on Oricon.

Produced by Taku Takahashi from the popular techno group m-flo, romantic is the most unique offering by Rie Fu since… well, ever, really. We all know her area is folk-based pop songs, usually featuring mostly slow, low-scale instrumentals and with an emphasis on the vocals. romantic takes all that and puts it on its head: we have a new-age techno song with fast, very prominent and catchy instrumentals with a much lower emphasis on the vocals. I really liked what Takahashi did with the vocals, giving them depth and width through a relatively thin layer of vocoders, yet removing the power and importance Rie Fu usually gives to the vocals. This song is a virtually perfect mix of techno and Rie Fu’s style of music. And I love that cover! It really reflects the content.

In The Airplane is another experiment, although one step closer to Rie Fu’s comfort zone. The verses seemed very unpromising at first, but the chorus made everything so much better, with its interesting use of . I really liked the feeling of being ‘in the airplane’: that feeling of deep sadness of leaving a place you want to stay in, but the joy of going back to another place and seeing other people.

Money Will Love You is the Rie Fu song on this single. It’s a relaxing ballad, better than “Home”, but in the same style. It’s relaxing and interesting, with that particular charm she puts into every song. This may be the beginning of Rie Fu’s rise, if she sticks to a more popular style, although I’m disappointed it only reached #100. Who knows, maybe money will come to love her one day? This is a fantastic single, and I think all songs have A-Side potential.


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