alan: Megumi no Ame

Megumi no Ame, alan1. Megumi no Ame

2. Namida

Megumi no Ame is alan’s seventh single, released on November 12th, 2008. It reached #22 on Oricon. In her five singles based on the elements of the Japanese Godai and the Tibetan Bön, it is the last, representing water.

I have to say that Megumi no Ame (blessed rain) is a disappointment since I was actually expecting something even better than RED CLIFF, but it will do. As for the song, it’s another slow burner, but more low-key than the previous single, more Western, even though it features alan (finally) playing the er-hu, the Chinese two-stringed fiddle. I have to say, though, after a few listens, I actually really like this song. It’s only default is that, unlike her four previous singles, I can’t hear “water”. Better than Kaze no Tegami, but a step down from RED CLIFF.

Namida (tears) fits the water theme better, and much like Sakura Modern on Ashita e no Sanka, it features more powerful beats and is more pronounced, yet has its common points with the A-Side. Some may say that the B-Side is better than the A-Side, but I find the B-Side to be not as good, at the limit on the same level. Her vocals on this song are the best asset, and she does sounds like she’s crying at certain points.


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