WORLD END is FLOW’s 21st single, released on August 13th, 2008. It reached #3 on Oricon and has sold 54 597 copies. WORLD END was selected as the second opening for Code Geass R2.

WORLD END is a mix of orchestral strings and FLOW’s rock; here’s another blend of two genres gone extremely well. For the verses, soft strings and gentle guitars prevail, but the chorus features a more powerful ensemble of guitars. The best part was definitely the bridge, where I really liked the even more powerful guitar riffs and FLOW’s vocalists’ voices. However, after that, the song goes downhill and the ending is sort of sloppy.

Yay! Another great B-Side from FLOW! And here I was, expecting something gothic with a title like LEATHER FACE. To my great surprise, it was FLOW rock with distorted vocals for the verses, before their real voices were used for the chorus. And guess what: it worked! The effect created by the transition from vocal distortion to regular vocals actually created an interesting and unique song.

I WILL opens with a chorus of voices, which kind of turned me off, but the sections where there was only one voice were nice. I WILL is more of a soft song, especially compared with the rock FLOW dished up for this single. Had there been no chorus at all, this song would’ve been a lot better.


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