Anna Tsuchiya: NUDY SHOW!



Crazy World

Virgin Cat

GINGER feat. Monkey Majik


Dirty Game





Shape of your love

cocoon – NUDY SHOW! version –




Kuroi Namida – deep sadness version –


Songs in bold are previously released singles. Songs in blue (with a link) have already been reviewed. Those songs will, however, be reviewed in context of the album once more.


NUDY SHOW! is Anna Tsuchiya’s second original album, third if you count ANNA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES), released on October 28th, 2008. It reached #9 on Oricon. For those who shouldn’t know what the paint on Anna’s face is on the cover, it’s a tribute to David Bowie.

Opening the album is a short mix of various sounds followed by some funky techno mixed with rock and distorted vocals, overture. This kind of song has never been my thing, but I suppose it’s pretty good.

Starting things off on an, unfortunately, negative side-note is Cockroach. Anna’s style is doubtlessly rock, but here it’s sort of like LUCY, remove some of the energy, and boost the guitar riffs, voilà!, you have Cockroach. The vocals are pretty poor, and this song just doesn’t sound good.

My favorite single of the era, Crazy World (single originally released on June 11th, 2008) her collaboration with hip-hop singer AI. Just the perfection of the mix between hip-hop and rock is enough for me to fall in love with this song, and Anna’s sultry voice made this song even better.

Don’t ask me why Virgin Cat (single originally released on September 10th, 2008) was placed right after the hardcore Crazy World. I’ve listened to it a few times, and I have sort of come to like it, and I suppose that in this context (well, the song that comes after it), it’s OK.

GINGER feat. Monkey Majik, the promotional track for this album, spanning not even two minutes and forty seconds, it probably one of the best album songs ever. I realize this is not the usual Anna, but this song is just great. Actually, it surprises me that I like this song because this form of rock is not my style, and this song isn’t even that catchy. This song is just great, and Anna’s seductive voice is perfect for a song about a dominatrix. (And Monkey Majik is formed by two Canadians and two Japanese guys!)

I rejoiced to find that one of the most noteworthy B-Sides was going to be included on this album: although u doesn’t begin that well, the chorus is just great with its powerful guitars and a great vocal performance on Anna’s part.

Dirty Game resembles u very much, but there’s a different vocal style in use here. Both songs are very outgoing, but this song sounds more like typical J-Rock rather than Anna’s more Western rock, which is actually interesting, since I was expecting this kind of track. To the contrary of u, the verses are just as good and interesting as the chorus.

I love how retro Style sounds, sort of like one of those 80s music videos where you have the very attractive girl walking down a street and the men just walking around her, yet she ignores them sort of thing (sounds sort of weird, not sure I formulated that well enough, sorry). But of course, Anna adds her own rock to it, and creates one of the most memorable tracks of the album.

masquerade is a step into dance and techno, mixed with rock, and man is it good! The vocals are a little underwhelming, but the music makes up for it. This song too has hints of the 70s and 80s, although they aren’t as clear as on Style.

I never really liked BUBBLE TRIP (single original released on August 1st, 2007),  but I suppose that after all these retro tracks, it fits right in, presenting a mixture of pop and rock in its own unique way. It remains the second-weakest single on the album, and I’m happy she didn’t include sweet sweet song.

Next is Serenade, which is a very nice ballad, somewhat dull, but still pretty good. Anna’s voice in this song is perfect for it, and once more shows her versatility. The verses are calm, but the chorus is mesmerizing with its powerful ensemble of instruments.

Shape of your love is like a crossing of cocoon and Kuroi Namida, with the singing style found on cocoon and the calm verses and powerful chorus from Kuroi Namida. It’s a more Anna-type song that what we’ve been served for the past six or seven tracks, which is good.

The NUDY SHOW! version of cocoon downright sucks, and there is no excuse for using this version, since it would’ve sounded perfectly good after Shape of your love. She should’ve at least sung this song again since the vocals sound weird on this version of cocoon. This song is one of Anna’s best, and I’m really disappointed by this.

I’m never going to like LUCY because of the annoying, pretentious vocals and the punk rock element on drugs and uncontrolled effect given by the horrible music. If you can remake cocoon, remake LUCY, will you?

RIDE ON! is an aggressive song, with powerful guitar riffs, but some pretty great vocals. It’s more like a controlled, more refined version of LUCY, with a bittersweet side-note.

BLOOD ON BLOOD sounds too much like Metallica for me to like it. It’s just too powerful, and the stuttering guitars were just horrible. Here’s a track that could’ve been done without, because what comes after doesn’t fit at all with this track.

Ending this seventeen-track monster is the deep sadness version of Kuroi Namida (black tears). I explained it in my previous review of this song that this version isn’t as good because the guitars add the bittersweet effect that is almost essential to this song. Also, the vocals on this version are somewhat blurred out, all that when her best vocal performance is on this song.

NUDY SHOW! really surprised me. All the experimentation with retro tunes explains the 80s-type cover, with all the glamour, the pink clothing and the stars as well as the ridiculous typography. Although the beginning and end of the album were somewhat sloppy, the middle was excellent, with all the mixes of rock and pop, ballads, etc. I wasn’t expecting that much from an album called NUDY SHOW!, but I was pleasantly surprised.


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