Coming in November

I’ve decided this section will become a monthly thing, and we’re October 31st, so here we go for what’s coming to this site during the month of November, and what happened this month.


  • Anna Tsuchiya – NUDY SHOW!
  • Stephanie – Kimi ga Iru Kagiri
  • Fukui Mai – Ai no Uta
  • Jyukai – Anata ga Ita Mori [IN CONSIDERATION]
  • Aimmy – Blue Vibration/Kaze no Kioku [IN CONSIDERATION]

As I’ve done for the past month, I start with the most recent non-album single; Anna Tsuchiya’s “NUDY SHOW!” will hopefully be the last album I review whose singles have already been released. I will also only be reviewing material in chronological order, so don’t ask me to review, for example, Utada Hikaru’s Deep River (if you want to know my opinion, here: five stars, beats everything she’s ever made except Ultra Blue, with which it is on par). Also, I don’t like: Rina Aiuchi, B’z (too old and cheesy for me, sorry all B’z fans), Kyoko or Garnet Crow. I think I’ll be including some ZARD soon enough. I would also like to say, as in the last post, that I will be reviewing Shimatani Hitomi, but not until she releases her new single. The same goes for Do As Infinity, although I might review TAO before (as most of you know, they have regrouped and will be releasing a new single sometime in 2009).


To set the limits before I develop on the subject, the weakest day was October 23rd, at 33 views, and the best, October 10th, and 151 views (thanks to International Wota’s promoting me).

  • week 1 (September 29th-October 5th): 334 views, 48 views a day    + 68.69%
  • week 2 (October 6th-12th): 515 views, 73 views a day    + 54.19%
  • week 3 (October 13th-19th): 483 views, 69 views a day    – 6.21%
  • week 4 (October 20th-26th): 581 views, 83 views a day    + 20.29%
  • week 5 (October 27th-October 31st): 463, 93 views a day    + 11.57%

The most popular post is Fujisawa Loser by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, at 153 views, being at the head of my most viewed posts since the day I wrote the article. I received an average 73 visitors a day for the month of October, and since August, I have had an average of 38 visitors a day. I currently have 79 posts in 39 categories and 349 tags (I tag a lot, perhaps too much…).


Yes, well, I thought the old banner was too mundane so I concocted something with the new wallpaper available on alan’s website (I had been waiting for it since the single’s release). It’s not all that great, so I might make some adjustments, not major ones, but some adjustments nonetheless. Next month I will be changing it, as I will change the featured artist. I like the banner so much, I’m extending its lifespan by a month.


Some of you might’ve noticed the announcement at the top of the first article. Because we have “PollDaddy” (sounds kind of perverted) now, I’ve changed the way it works. I haven’t got any voters yet, so you regular visitors, please vote!


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