Jun Shibata: Ai wo Suru Hito

Ai wo Suru Hito, Jun Shibata1. Ai wo Suru Hito – Orochi’s Version

2. Otou-san Yori

Ai wo Suru Hito is Jun Shibata’s seventeenth single, released on September 17th, 2008. It reached #6 on Oricon and has sold over 6 305 copies. This is a special review. It is likely that this will be the only single by this artist to be reviewed.

Ai wo Suru Hito – Orochi’s Version – (one who loves) is the recut version of a song featured on her previous album Shin’ai Naru Kimi e (to you who has become my loved one), released anew as the theme song to the movie Orochi. It draws heavily from the enka style, which I thought I’d hate forever, but this song has brought me nearer to. Jun Shibata’s voice has never ceased to amaze; her vocals are full of emotion even though they remain somewhat cold. It’s another slow burner, but sets itself apart from Te wo Tsunagou and Tegami – Haikei Jyuugo no Kimi e – with its moving ensemble of strings and its powerful piano. A really nice part was the tumbling piano and then the upswing of strings, as a sort of interlude between the two parts of the song.

Otou-san Yori (to Father) is a bit too much on the low-key side to be really good. It opens with a cute piano and then lets Jun’s voice take the lead. Here is another song where I keep waiting for the catchy part and it never comes. The chorus is only good because Jun’s voice is absolutely gorgeous and heartfelt.


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