Ayumi Hamasaki: Mirrorcle World

Mirrorcle World (CD Edition, Depend on You Edition), Ayumi Hamasaki1. Mirrorcle World

2. Life

3. Depend on you (10th Anniversary Version) or
     YOU (10th Anniversary Version)

Mirrorcle World is Ayumi Hamasaki’s forty-third single, released on April 8th, 2008. It reached #1 on Oricon and has sold 193 016 copies. It commemorates her tenth anniversary as a major label artist, and was released exactly ten years after the release of her debut, poker face.

Very few singles have impressed me as much as RED CLIFF – Shin, Sen –, but Mirrorcle World is definitely very close to it. It is a remake of the powerhouse opening track on her latest album, GUILTY, and opens with gentle music before the little bells and the drums come in. Ayumi has the blessing of a very fleshy voice, and this song really gives the opportunity to do that, especially during the “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” toward the end. As for the explosive chorus; very few have been quite as outgoing and powerful, especially for an artist whose comfort zone is pop (well, who knows? she’s been doing very well with this whole rock stuff).

After Mirrorcle World, it is only natural to be underwhelmed by Life. I’ll be frank: I don’t like this song. I think it’s more of ambient song than a song that one listens to with glee, but they pumped too much energy into it. It’s pretty boring, but it’ll do as a B-Side.

There’s nothing much new on YOU (10th Anniversary Version). The beginning is sort of different, but that’s really all. I didn’t like this song to start with, so I wasn’t all that happy to learn it was going to be remade. Depend on you (10th Anniversary Version), on the other hand, is pretty awesome. They did far more with song, which made a pretty dull song really good. The guitar and the synth really made a difference.


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