Ami Suzuki: Can’t Stop the DISCO

1. Can’t Stop the DISCO

2. Climb Up to the Top

3. Super Music Maker (SA’08S/A Mix)

Can’t Stop the DISCO is Ami Suzuki’s 29th single, released on September 24th, 2008. It reached #10 on Oricon. It is the last single before the release of her next album, and was produced, just like ONE and FREE FREE, by Yasutaka Nakata from capsule.

Can’t Stop the DISCO reminds me of FREE FREE, bizarrely enough, but this song is easier on the ears, more laid-back, and the chorus is very nice. One problem for me was the awkward and clumsy transition from verse to chorus and vice-versa. The beats are given more attention than the actual synth, which is probably what makes this song lighter.

Flowing out of Can’t Stop the DISCO, Climb Up to the Top was really American, or at least that’s the feel it gave me. Ami’s voice is not too great on this track, but Climb Up to the Top is pretty catchy. But also really repetitive…

Super Music Maker (SA’08S/A Mix) is, well, the remix of the second A-Side on FREE FREE/Super Music Maker. Then again, I hate remixes, for the most part, and this is the kind of remix that proves that. I really prefer the original version of Super Music Maker, and I remember I wasn’t too fond of it either…


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