Younha: Ima ga Daisuki

Ima ga Daisuki, Younha1. Ima ga Daisuki

2. Inori

3. Ima ga Daisuki (Korean version)

4. Inori (Korean version)

Ima ga Daisuki is Younha’s seventh single, released on September 6th, 2006. It reached #71 on Oricon and has sold 2 638 copies. (I will not be reviewing the Korean versions.)

The best part of Ima ga Daisuki (I love “now”) was definitely the bells in the background. Nonetheless, this is a typical Younha song, with bells added: a nice piano arrangement, wonderful vocals and an uplifting chorus. It’s better than Te wo Tsunaide because, notably, of those wonderful bells and the great piano, but it’s nothing special.

Inori (prayer) reminds me more of a circus than a prayer. It opens horribly, but the verses provide for an interesting turn for the better, with a more jazzy, laid-back ambience. Another pretty good B-Side from an underrated artist.


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