Nichika: Atarashii Mizu

1. Atarashii Mizu

2. Rye Mugibatake de Choushoku wo/Sugar Cube (Bedroom Mix)

Atarashii Mizu is Nichika’s third single, released on May 21st, 2008. Like their previous single, it failed to chart.

I have absolutely no idea why Atarashii Mizu (new water) would fail to chart. It’s such a good song, not to mention the one that got me to love this band. Just the opening instrumental was enough to hypnotize me. Yoichiro proves his instrumental genius with this song, and Issui’s voice is as good as ever. The first thing that struck me when I heard this song was: COLDPLAY! This song sounds exactly like my favorite English-language band, just make it more gritty and remove the whole U2 imitation syndrome Coldplay has caught.

It’s too bad this is the Bedroom Mix, not the original, featured on the album, since that one is better. Nonetheless, the electronic version of Rye Mugibatake de Choushoku wo/Sugar Cude (breakfast in the rye field/sugar cube) is pretty decent, especially the chorus.


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