Kelun: Chu-Bura

1. Chu-Bura

2. Boys Don’t Cry

3. Asayake Umbrella

Chu-Bura is Kelun’s second single, relesed on August 2nd, 2008. It reached #12 on Oricon and has sold over 6 299 copies.

The A-Side, Chu-Bura (suspended in space) is a poweful rock song with an epic theme to it (the song does feature the line “monogatari wa hajimaru”, meaning “the tale will begin”). I particularly liked when the song slowed down a bit in the verses, and the general feel of the song. For newcomers in the Japanese music industry, this is great work.

Boys Don’t Cry had a good beginning but I didn’t really like the rest of the song – it’s an aggressive song with vocals that really don’t fit with the song, which seems to be a habit since Sixteen Girl. Asayake Umbrella (sunrise umbrella) was the better of the two B-Sides, a really nice, calm and steady beginning and a not-too-aggressive refrain.


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