Yousei Teikoku: Weiss Flügel

Weiss Flügel, Yousei Teikoku

1. Weiss Flügel

2. Kikai Shoujo Gensou

Weiss Flügel is Yousei Teikoku’s (fairy empire) eighth single, released on September 10th, 2008. This is a special review. It is likely that this will be the only single by this artist to be reviewed.

Weiss Flügel (white wing in German) is somewhere between classical music and metal, but in a pleasant way. The genre reminds me very much of Shimatani Hitomi’s crossover, even though the two have little in common other than a blending of two genres. Yousei’s voice took me a while to get used to, but it seems to fit very well with the song. The aggressive riffs aren’t very pleasant, but the chorus and the verses, swinging between sublime and powerful, are beautiful. The transition between the chorus and verses is a little rough, and I suppose you could say unpleasant, but it’s a minor flaw that pretty much everyone does once in a while.

Unfortunately, Kikai Shoujo Gensou (illusion of a mechanic girl), is mindless heavy metal with the typical cut vocals and a very aggressive and powerful guitar as well as crazy drums. As usual, here’s another horrible B-Side that I don’t want to see added in an album.


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