Ikimono Gakari: Blue Bird

Blue Bird, Ikimono Gakari

1. Blue Bird

2. Natsuiro Wakusei

Blue Bird is Ikimono Gakari’s tenth single, released on July 9th, 2008. It reached #3 on Oricon and has sold 80 291 copies, making it their most successful single. It was used as the second opening theme for Naruto Shippuuden.

Blue Bird is an explosion of harmonica, guitar and drums, and a perfectly executed one at that. It’s actually somewhat of a Hanabi copycat, beginning with an almost a cappella Kiyoe, and then slowly elevating until the chorus. It also features a wonderful harmonica, the drums are relatively powerful, and the musical score sounds very similar. As usual, Kiyoe’s voice manages to astonish me with the high notes she reaches, and the music is very energetic. A step down from Kaeritakunatta yo, but with those two and Planetarium, their third album seems very promising.

The B-Side, Natsuiro Wakusei (summer-colored planet), is a really wild song when it opens. It sounds a lot like the B-Sides they’ve already done before, but it’s an enjoyable song. The vocals are sort of choppy at certain points, and the song could’ve been improved, but it’s a satisfying B-Side.


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