Younha: Te wo Tsunaide

Te wo Tsunaide, Younha

1. Te wo Tsunaide

2. Rock Star

3. Homegirl

Te wo Tsunaide is Younha’s sixth single, released on June 7th, 2006. It reached #50 on Oricon and has sold 4 495 copies.

Te wo Tsunaide (hold my hand) is an example of what Younha does best: piano rock. The piano provides for drama (I don’t know whether the drama I felt while listening to this song was intended, but it better be) and her voice has a certain grit to it during the verses. The chorus is good, although it could’ve been worked on. I have to say that after Go! Younha, which wasn’t all that good, Te wo Tsunaide surprised me. The overblown drums and guitar were the best part, even though it felt like they were pushing away Younha’s voice.

The first of two B-Sides, Rock Star, sounds like a bad song on steroids. The vocals were fine, but the music score is absolutely ridiculous. It has the feel of a horrible rock song from the seventies made a bit more modern.

Homegirl shortly reminded me of Ikimono Gakari’s Kaeritakunatta yo, with its soft piano and vocals and the eventual harmonica. The verses were slighty on the boring side, but the chorus managed to move me. As usual with Younha songs, it could’ve been improved and it would’ve been really good if it had been, but it ends up sounding like a regular ballad.


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