Bonnie Pink: Kane wo Narashite

Kane wo Narashite, Bonnie Pink

1. Kane wo Narashite

2. Pump it Up!

3. Perfect Sky (Bjorn Version)

Kane wo Narashite is Bonnie Pink’s twenty-fourth single, released on August 6th, 2008. It reached #9 on Oricon and has sold 24 896 copies. It is a Japanese version of the song “Ring a Bell”, which she performed as the opening theme for the video game “Tales of Vesperia”.

Kane wo Narashite (ring a bell) is a powerful rock-inspired pop tune at a grand scale. She uses very powerful drumwork to give it a very powerful structure. As I was expecting, Kane wo Narashite is extremely “theme song”-built, meaning that it feels like an opening sequence. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, you decide. The song had a few parts which I felt could’ve been removed or improved upon, where it felt like the was forcing a lot of lyrics into a very small space. Otherwise, this song is flawless.

I don’t know which is best, Pump it Up! or Kane wo Narashite. Pump It Up! definitely draws its influences from the eighties and bands like ABBA. It includes synth at certain parts and has the powerful beats found in Kane wo Narashite, but the song sounds a lot more playful than the A-Side. The slower part toward the end could’ve been done without, but the infectuous dance beat this song had to it saved it’s rear.

Finally comes the crime of music that destroyed this single, Perfect Sky (Bjorn Version). Everything from the horrible chorus at the beginning to the absolutely disgusting clapping sound in the back to the vocals is just unattractive. Please, no more!


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