GIRL NEXT DOOR: Drive Away/Shiawase no Jyoken

Drive Away/Shiawase no Jyouken, GIRL NEXT DOOR1. Drive Away

2. Shiawase no Jyoken

3. Drive Away (maximizor mix)

4. Drive Away (ice cream mix)

Drive Away/Shiawase no Jyoken is GIRL NEXT DOOR’s second single, released on October 8th, 2008. It reached #3 on Oricon and has sold 21 081 copies.

With that funky beginning, I was expecting something really good, but when I heard her voice and the sudden change of rhythm, I screamed “holy murder!” and ran away until the song was over. Well, not really. I came back for the chorus, which is really good. Especially the end, “drive away, doko made mo” (drive away, to wherever). Drive Away has its share of problems, like the previous single, but this time worse.

Shiawase no Jyoken (the condition for happiness) is more 80s than Drive Away, which was sort of disco music. But this particular track focuses on the retro much more, especially during the verses. My main problem with these two tracks is that they’re overwhelmingly cheesy, in a bad way.

Drive Away (maximizor mix) is completely different from the original, to the point where I don’t really recognize the same song. It’s a lot more bittersweet, for some weird reason, but its lack of the dynamics found in the original is this song’s main flaw.

The ice cream mix is another vanilla mix: really, nothing special. The focus on the piano is pretty good, but the problem here is those annoying bleeps and a massive section with no lyrics which bored me to death. Overall, this single is so disappointing. But what could I expect, with that horrible cover (get that expression away from me; now).


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