Mika Nakashima: Sakura – Hanagasumi –

1. Sakura – Hanagasumi –

2. Sakura – Hanagasumi –
    (Daishi Dance)

3. conFusiOn

Sakura – Hanagasumi – is Mika Nakashima’s twenty-fifth single, released on March 12th, 2008. It reached #9 on Oricon and has sold 24 297 copies.

Sakura – Hanagasumi – (cherry blossoms – flower drops -) is a pretty nice ballad, and Mika’s voice is a lot nicer. It picks up slightly toward the end, but for most of the song it’s a straightforward ballad with no particular catchiness, just beautiful vocals and a great strings ensemble. Had this song been driven a bit further, it would’ve been much nicer, but I have to admit I’m sort of disappointed.

The Daishi Dance “remix” of Sakura – Hanagasumi – is much, much better than the original, and I easily fell in love with it. This version is actually catchy and varies more from verses to chorus. It reminds me of Ai Otsuka’s Ticket or FLOW’s DAYS because of the organization of the rhythm. The vocals come along with a more low-key rhythm, but it’s still so much better. Just the simple addition of a beat and more solid rhythm made this song many times better. But the song retains the great strings section and the gorgeous vocals.

conFusiOn is more of a pop song. I really like this song because of the catchy chorus, and the vocals, which I have a hard time dealing with, are absolutely fantastic here. It’s interesting, diverse, and catchy. Frankly, it’s better than the original of Sakura – Hanagasumi -. This song is actually quite worthy of placement as an A-Side.


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