Rie Fu: Home

Home, Rie Fu

1. Home

2. Wait for Me

3. (They Long to Be) Close to You

Home is Rie Fu’s tenth single, released on January 23rd, 2008. It reached #98 on Oricon. It was selected as the theme song for the movie Koneko no Namida (kitten’s tears).

Home starts out pretty boring, but evolves into a more involved song. It’s an uplifting song, but not very since it’s not as outgoing as 5000 Miles. After all the effort of Tobira Album, Rie Fu must have felt more exhausted, because this song kind of, well, sucks. I won’t hide it from you; I don’t like this song. It’s just straightforward boring and mainstream. It draws its inspiration from The Carpenters, obviously so, but she fails to create something as good as their songs. Home is one of those singles released after an album which reflects the exhaust of the author, but in terms of quality. Too bad, actually.

Next comes the fantastically boring Wait for Me. For four minutes and a half, I waited for some kind of wonderful refrain, but in vain. What happened to the old, wonderfully talented Rie Fu?!

Rie Fu’s version of The Carpenters’ (They Long to Be) Close to You is the best song on the single, and it’s saving grace. She could hardly remake it, since one of her greatest sources on inspiration are The Carpenters, and this song is by far their most known. Although I prefer the original version, it’s nice to finally hear the version of one of her favorite songs that I couldn’t wait to hear sung by her.


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