Nichika: Genius Party

1. Genius Party

2. Garage


Genius Party is Nichika’s second single, released on July 4th, 2007. It failed to chart.

Genius Party is more upbeat, more well-defined and well-rounded, and just a step up from Edelweiss for Nichika, not that I disliked that song or anything. Genius Party is far more gritty and guitar-centered than their previous single, and also makes it better. But, here again, the vocals are the defining part of the song, as they are another characteristic of alternative rock. (Don’t you just love Nichika’s covers? They’re better than alan’s and AJIKAN’s combined!)

Yet another really great B-Side from Nichika: Garage sounds sort of retro and is slower than the A-Side. The first few lines don’t express themselves too much, but when the rest of the instrumentals kick in, the song becomes a lot better. It’s not that great a song, but it’s nice, and another above average B-Side.

NOBODY’S OFF THE HOOK is a cover of Rufus Wainwright’s song from his album Release the Stars. I don’t really like our homie (he’s Canadian, you see), but I like what Nichika, in particular Issui, did to it. Maybe I’ll give this song another chance, since my parents have a copy of the album.


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