Coming in October

First, a resolution for the upcoming updates. I will make them more clear and more all-encompassing. For example, I will include a list of all the new artists I will be adding in the future, as well as what I plan to review in the upcoming month. So, that’s all for the moment. On with the updates.


possibly (artist name – first single/album)

  • Yousei Teikoku – Weiss Flügel
  • Glay – Aka to Kuro no Matadora
  • Kaela Kimura – Moustache
  • Jun Shibata – Ai wo Suru Hito
  • Shugo Tokumaru – Exit (album)
  • UVERworld – Koi Shikute
  • Jyongri – Love Forever


  • Ikimono Gakari – Kaeritakunatta yo
  • Aira Mitsuki – COPY
  • Ayaka – Anata to
  • Kanon Wakeshima – Still Doll
  • Perfume – GAME
  • Younha – Te wo Tsunaide
  • Bonnie Pink – Kane wo Narashite

VIEWS (SEPT. 08-30)

September was a very good month. I had no idea I could collect so many visitors! Compared to the other blogs, it’s minimal, but let’s be optimistic. The first week ended at 188 views, with 51 making a record which would not be broken the next week, nor the one after. The second week reached 167 views, and the third ended at 198 views. This week has started off with a bang. Monday ended at 58 views, setting another record, and today the views reached 68, which is close enough to the three previous weeks, but in two days. This week will most likely be the best.

Last time, Ultra Blue was the most viewed post, but this time Nexus 4/Shine beat the record at 53 views, followed by Can’t Stop the DISCO at 44 views.


Some of you might’ve noticed that I changed the way my categories work to the standard artist-by-artist categorization. I’ve also added a featured artist side-bar and section, just for the fun of featuring someone. Really, it’s fun.


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