Utada Hikaru: Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry

1. Beautiful World

2. Kiss & Cry

3. Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) – 2007 Mix –

Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry is Utada Hikaru’s nineteenth single, released on August 29th, 2007. It reached #2 on Oricon and has sold 235 050 copies. Beautiful World was used as the theme song for the first or four Rebuild of Evangelion movies (which, by the way, I really want to see when, if, they come out in North America).

Beautiful World is epic, but not as epic as the stuff on Ultra Blue. Here again, the song relies highly on the thumping beats and synth bleeps in the back to give it form, which I think she should drop the moment she gets the chance, and go back to Utada Hikaru from 2003-2005. The chorus is actually quite disappointing, but it’s hard to make it better than pretty good verses.

What is this?! Kiss & Cry is absolutely tasteless for Utada, and a massive disappointment. Not only does it rely so much on beats that that’s pretty much the only thing this song is composed of, but it also features rap-style vocals, and I hate, despise, wish that it burns in hell, rap.

At least there is one saving grace preventing me from giving this single only three stars because of Kiss & Cry, and that would be the pleasant surprise by the name of Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) – 2007 Mix –. Back when she released Wait & See – Risk -, she had a version which was used in the original series of Neon Genesis Evangelion as one of the twenty-six different versions of the same song put at the end of each episode (sounds crazy, but it’s actually quite awesome what came out). Anyway, this song is pretty nice, and an improvement over the original.


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