Ami Suzuki: ONE

1. ONE

2. A Token of Love

3. A Token of Love (FM88 mix)

ONE is Ami Suzuki’s 29th single, released on August 2nd, 2008. It reached #17 on Oricon and has sold 6 683 copies so far. (Don’t you find she looks ten years younger in the cover?) It was released to commemorate her tenth year in the music industry.

ONE is definitely one of the best dance tracks ever! After FREE FREE, she’s back with another Yasutaka-produced hit. I haven’t read the translation of the lyrics yet, but there’s definitely a hint of bittersweetness in the verses. It’s really sparkly and it’s infectious, really. I’m not and I never will be a big fan of techno and electro-pop, but this song is plain goodness. The end is kind of clumsy and not exactly what I was expecting for an ending to this awesome dance track, but I’ll let it pass in favor of a song worthy of ten years of musical experience.

Ah… my opinions get really biased when I reach the B-Sides, and A Token of Love is supposed to be added onto her upcoming album too. As usual, it’s a boring, repetitive song which is really low-key, whereas the whole idea of techno is to be loud. Not bad in the overall, but average.

The FM88 mix of A Token of Love is shorter and was arranged by Yasutaka. It’s far more upbeat and well-pronounced than the original. How should I say… a tiny, tiny bit above average?


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