Utada Hikaru: Flavor of Life

1. Flavor of Life

2. Flavor of Life – Ballad Version –

3. Flavor of Life – Antidote Mix –

Flavor of Life is Utada Hikaru’s eighteenth single, released on February 28th, 2007. It reached #1 on Oricon and has sold 650 027 copies.

Flavor of Life is nothing special. I love Utada, but this is just not the old her. A song about her divorce sounded good (sounds mean, doesn’t it?) for a moment, but then this? No, this is not the Utada Hikaru I like to listen to. First of all, what’s with the fast pace which seems like the vocals can’t even keep with? This is (supposed to be) a sad song! Then there’s the synth. A “synth ballad”: that’s new, and really awful, as a matter of fact. So let’s skip to the next track…

The Ballad Version of Flavor of Life is much, much better. It features strings, typical ballad instruments, and a slower, better pace as well as more suitable vocals. No wonder this version was used for the PV, not the original. Otherwise, this is still nothing much to look at.

The Antidote Mix is the better version, with more flavor to it (oh, an unintentional pun). It’s not exactly as suitable as the Ballad Version, but I’ll let it pass since this is a really nice mix.


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