Nichika: Edelweiss

1. Edelweiss

2. Barbie

3. Aozora, Naita

Edelweiss is Nichika’s debut single, released on February 14th, 2007. It reached #120 on Oricon, and was used as the ending theme for the weekly TV show CDTV.

Edelweiss is a very powerful debut single. It drags you in with Issui’s hazy voice and the great instrumentals provided by Yoichiro. Whereas the verses are calm, the electric guitar adds grit to the comparatively low-key chorus. Issui’s voice is a never-ceasing source of amazement for me, and it allows me to enjoy their music much, much more.

Barbie is a cover of the same song from the KT Tunstall album Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. The music is enjoyable yet tremendously bizarre. I have to say that, for someone who probably doesn’t know all that much of English, Issui does very well on pronouncing the English.

Aozora, Naita (the blue sky cried) is actually better than Edelweiss and Barbie, and makes for an overly decent B-Side. Here again, the verses are good and chorus is low-key if compared to the verses. Issui’s voice during the chorus is particularly moving and beautiful.


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