Anna Tsuchiya: Virgin Cat

1. Virgin Cat

2. Imitation night

3. Virgin Cat (LAVA Remix)

Virgin Cat is Anna Tsuchiya’s ninth single, released on September 10th, 2008. It reached #27 on Oricon and has sold 2 422 copies. It was used as the song in the CM for Japan’s DVD release of the The L Word.

Virgin Cat is a pretty stupid song, if you don’t mind my saying so. The instrumentals are barely acceptable and the vocals, although at some points quite charming, pretty bad. The biggest problem for this song is the title: Virgin Cat, a euphemism, quite obviously. It sounds horrible, is quite stupid, but remains able to reflect the horror of this song. I like Anna, but this is stupidity on high.

Now had Imitation night been the A-Side, this single would’ve gotten a higher rating. It’s a dramatic rock song with a repetition of powerful guitar riffs. The vocals are sort of blurred, but not to make this song bad. In the end, it’s not all as perfect a song, but it’s a lot of better than Virgin Cat.

Virgin Cat (LAVA Remix) is a big step up from the original. It features, unfortunately, the same vocals, but a far better sound. The jazzy element was nice, and it sounds like lounge music, so it’s far more ambient.


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